2bregar      verb /bre.gar/

1. A specific way of knowing something and understand its subtle mechanisms. 2. To act

and/or work with agility and experience to meet expectations. 3. Fight with risks. 4. To work

eagerly.                                                                                      5.To deal with something

wisely,                                                                                        weather is an object,

people, or language itself. 6. To negotiate with the vast power of the empire,

without losing dignity and without violence. 7. A way out of a crisis. 8. To

take initiative and put things in motion. 9. To establish the rules of

a game. 10. To find a path. 11. Catch-all term that can mean

both to work things through and to make love. Working

while making love or making love while working.


                                              1. A diffuse method with no pretentions to navigate daily

                                     life, where everything changes. La brega exists out of the law

                              of necessity and changes according to them. 2. A command of the

                  rules of rethoric. La brega always expresses a necessity or wish to realize

           a dream.                                                                                      3. Another kind

    of knowledge,                                                                                    one that is in be

                                    tween art and technology. 4. A diffuse method to navigate daily life unpretentiously. The

                        art of surviving with dignity. 5. A sexual war. 6. An announcement when out of a crisis. 7.Private

                or public battles. 8. A turning point in dialogue. The action initiated by the speaker to move the listen

        er. 9.Action or effect of a person who works tiressly.10. A state of constant hustle through life’s challenges.

1brega       noun /